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SSL certificates establish a secure connection between a web server and a browser by linking an encrypted key to the identity of an organization. When deployed on a web server, these certificates trigger the HTTPS protocol, display a padlock icon, and enable secure interactions, safeguarding user privacy and maintaining data integrity.

San Diego State University, through a partnership with InCommon, provides an unlimited number of free SSL certificates for use in the SDSU domain.

Certificates are available for the and domains. You must use an e-mail address when registering for a certificate. An access code is needed to access the request form. Please contact the IT Security Office at [email protected] for the access code.

Are you eligible?

Current faculty and staff; system administrators in academic; and administrative departments can request SSL Certificates.


The IT Security Office covers the cost for all and certificates, which means there is no direct cost to you or your department.

Get Started

Step-by-step guidance on requesting an SSL Certificate can be found in the SSL Certificate Knowledge Base in ServiceNow (external site).

Get Help


Get Help

To request a service, create a ServiceNow Ticket and assign the ticket to “IT-ITSO-Help Desk”.

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