Domain Name System (DNS)


Domain Name System (DNS) converts names (e.g. to IP addresses (e.g. that are used by networked devices to locate other networked devices across the Internet. It can be compared to a phone book, allowing the user to enter a user-friendly name, and returning the address for that name.

Are you eligible?

Current faculty and staff; system administrators in academic; and administrative departments can request DNS of university and network devices.


There is no cost to you or your department to submit a DNS request.

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All DNS requests must be submitted by the IT support for your college or department. All requests and changes must be submitted by a ticket request in ServiceNow.

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  • DNS Services (External Site: Knowledge Base in ServiceNow)

Get Help

To request a service, create a ServiceNow Ticket and assign the ticket to “IT-ITSO-Help Desk”.

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