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Read our guides to stay safe online: Understand email safety, use strong passwords, and be cautious with social media details. Secure Zoom meetings, stay alert on public wifi, and recognize malware and phishing attempts.
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Consult our sensitive data storage matrix to learn how to manage university data responsibly on your devices. Follow additional guidance for storing and sharing protected data, and access specialized security features in Zoom to meet HIPAA requirements.
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Physical security protects people, equipment, and data from theft, vandalism, and disasters. When learning or working remotely, be aware of the increased risk of cyber attacks. International travel, for business or leisure, also raises the chances of being targeted online.

Everyone is key to online safety and security

Cybersecurity Awareness Month

IT Security Office

The Information Technology Security Office, or ITSO, provides SDSU the resources to enable confidentiality, integrity, and availability of computing and information assets.

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Report an Incident

Please contact the Information Security team immediately if you experience or are aware of any of the following: