Cyber Services

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Domain Name System (DNS) translates domain names to IP addresses so browsers can load Internet resources.

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Endpoint security protects devices like computers and phones from cyber attacks and harmful software.

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Multi-factor Authentication adds extra security to your account using a second check, like your phone.

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A password manager safely stores and manages your different online passwords, making them easier to use.

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Research security aims to protect research from theft or misuse that could harm national or economic interests.

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An SSL certificate confirms a website's authenticity, keeping user data safe and preventing fake sites.

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Outside groups using CSU data must follow CSU security rules, as guided by the CSU Information Security Program, which adheres to ISO 27002:2013.
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A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is a secure internet link from your device to a network, protecting your data.

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Vulnerability management continuously finds and fixes security weaknesses in computers and systems using special tools.

Third-party Risk Assessment
Before software is purchased and a third party is given access, the IT Security Office (ITSO) conducts a Vendor Risk Assessment (VRA) to ensure that the vendor has sufficient technological, administrative, and physical safeguards in place.
Exemption Request
The purpose of the IT Security Policy Exemption Request is to allow SDSU users or approved delegates the ability to request specific exemptions from policies for Information Technology systems under their purview.

Get Help

To request a service, create a ServiceNow Ticket and assign the ticket to “IT-ITSO-Help Desk”. Connect with us at [email protected] for security-related-questions, consulting, and incident reporting.

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Report an Incident

Please contact the Information Security team immediately if you experience or are aware of any of the following: