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IT Security Office (ITSO)


Firewall Ruleset Requests

Access to systems protected by internal firewalls is controlled by rules restricting inbound and outbound network access. Inbound rules help protect the system from unauthorized access and attack while outbound rules help protect other campus systems from attack should the firewalled system become compromised. A complete ruleset and system documentation must be in place before servers are placed into firewall zones. Ruleset requests should be sent to "". Required information includes:

  • Source IP address or network
  • Destination IP address or network
  • Destination port number(s)
  • Network protocols (such as TCP or UDP)
  • Application that will be needed (such as HTTP or FTP)
  • Reason for the request (such as a new application has been installed)

All IT staff requesting firewall rules must have change management documentation in place to document requested firewall rules. This documentation will be used to periodically audit the firewall ruleset.