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IT Security Office (ITSO)


Border Firewall

The SDSU border firewall provides SDSU protection by allowing only necessary network traffic into the University network, while deflecting unauthorized communications. By default, all incoming traffic from the internet is blocked unless an approved border exemption has been implemented.

IT managers who wish to request access through the border firewall should submit a request to the Border Firewall Registration System (limited to domain only).
The Border Firewall Registration System is a web based interface with explanations of the information required. The registration system provides a output file of the request for the IT Manager's records.

All border firewall requests must be approved by appropriate management and the IT Security Office. In some cases, requests may be provisionally approved until a more secure solution can be found. In addition, all servers allowed a border exemption must be properly maintained and secured to SDSU security standards. The IT Security Office will periodically do a security scan of servers with border exemptions to help ensure that security standards are being maintained. Any serious security problems must be mitigated or servers may lose their border firewall exemptions.