Running Find_SSNs on Windows

These instructions are for Find_SSNs version 4.x. The scanning process is CPU intensive so it is recommended that all other files and applications be closed while this program is running.

To download the Find_SSNs program for Windows click here:

1) The Find_SSNs program can be run either from the web site or saved to your computer
    system and run from there. Administrative privileges are not required to run this program.
If Run is selected, go to Step#5

       File download security warning

2) If Save is selected, you will be asked to choose a location to save the Find_SSNs file.
    Select Desktop and click Save.
The Find_SSNs.exe file will download to your computer.

      Save As dialog box

3) When the file completes downloading, select Close to remove the Download window.

      Download complete dialog box

4) The Find_SSNs.exe file is now on your desktop. Run the file by double clicking on the FindSSNs.exe icon.

      Find SSNs icon

5) You may receive a warning if your computer does not recognize the digital signature as valid.
    A valid digital signature identifies the publisher of the software and verifies that the software
    has not been tampered with since it was signed. Without a valid digital signature, you have no
    way to verify that the software is what it claims to be. The IT Security Office does not normally
    recommend that system users run software from unverified publishers.
However, in this case, it is acceptable to select Run

        Open File - Security Warning

6) Once the Find_SSNs program starts to run, a command shell will be opened.
    Please leave it open as requested.

      command shell

7) A few seconds later, a second window will appear regarding periods of inactivity. Click OK

      Periods of inactivity

8) A window will appear asking what type of information you would like to search for.
    It is recommended that you run U.S. Social Security Numbers and Credit Cards Numbers
to simplify reviewing the report.

      What numbers to search for

9) A window will appear asking what type of report you'd like. Click html

      Select report type

10) A window will appear asking you to select a folder to search for the presence
      of the data you specified in the previous step. The recommended procedure is
      to first search My Documents and then search the Desktop

        Select a folder to search

11) You will be asked where to save the results of your scan.
      Select Desktop then click OK.

        Select a folder to save results

12) A window will appear notifying you that the Find_SSNs scan is about to start. Click Yes

        Would you like to continue

13) After a delay of a few seconds, the Find_SSNs program will begin to search the files
      in the specified location.
An estimated time is shown, but this has found to vary with reality.

        Searching files

14) After completing the scan, the Find_SSNs program will display the location where the report is saved. Click OK
        Report located here

Remember to delete the reports then empty your trash when you are finished!