Limited Applications

Provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (DMCA) require that online service providers (OSP), when notified that a copyright infringement is taking place on their network, take action to remove the unauthorized copyrighted material from the network. If the material is not removed, the OSP may become liable for copyright infringement themselves. Starting in early September, San Diego State University started receiving copyright infringement complaints against computer users in the SDSU Residence Halls for trading unauthorized copies of digital music. Due to the large numbers of users engaging in this illegal activity and the staffing and time required to comply with each DMCA violation, the University has decided, effective September 27, 2001, to block all music and media sharing protocols on our Residence Hall network.

Protocols currently blocked include:

Other protocols may be added as they are identified.

This decision not only helps protect the University from liability, but also ensures that the limited network bandwidth and support infrastructure available is more effectively used in support of the academic mission of the University. Blocking these protocols will not affect any other services and will only help to make the network faster and more efficient for everyone.

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