SDSU Computing Acceptable Use Policy

Approved by the San Diego State University Senate on April 3, 2001

Acceptable Computing Use

1.0 Computer users shall be liable for all activities on their accounts. All relevant federal and state laws and all University regulations shall apply. The University shall reserve the right to limit, restrict, or extend computing or communications privileges and access to its information resources.

2.0 Acceptable Use

2.1 University computing and communications resources shall be used for the University-related activities for which they are assigned.

2.2 Proper copyright permissions shall be obtained and sources shall be properly cited.

2.3 Users shall not engage in activities that compromise computer security, circumvent controls, disrupt services, or violate computer etiquette.

3.0 Legality and Enforcement

3.1 University policies shall not supersede federal or state laws. Illegal actions may result in prosecution.

3.2 Violations of University computing policies may result in the revocation of access or the discontinuance of an account or the loss of computing privileges.

4.0 Privacy. Computer files, electronic mail, and computing accounts are not absolutely private and may be subject to access by various authorized persons, as well as to access in compliance with the California Public Records Act.

5.0 Operational procedures shall be determined by the Instructional Technology committee of the Senate and reviewed on a periodic basis. Current operational procedures are available at